Michael T. is a creative writing student at A&T State University. His current hobbies include going to the gym when he ought to be studying and offering his opinion when it isn’t asked but is clearly needed.

Future aspirations include investing in a little townhouse next to a jogging path where he can spend his mornings walking a dog he does not yet own, but would perhaps like to. Additional aspirations include sleeping for seven hours a night, and writing when he promises himself that he will sit down and write, which is sometimes never.

[ p r o d u c t m t ]


6 thoughts on “Author

  1. Michael Thomas!
    First off, I really miss seeing you. Second, you are way too hard on yourself! However, I do thoroughly enjoy your writing style and you are incredibly talented. I’m leaving you with one of my favorite quotes….
    much much love,
    The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
    Anna Quindlen

  2. WOAH! Jayyyy Lynnnnnnn!!!!


    1- I also really miss seeing you! 2- I’ve been doing a lot of ice climber pushups, so I’m pretty much all muscle. 3- I’m actually lying. I got really lazy, and I’m skin and bones again.4-I am CRAZY about the quote you shared and I’m looking to have it made into a very inconspicuous tattoo my mother won’t ever see.

    ps- you owe me an invite to your cougar party. I’ll start doing daily pushups again.

  3. my new favorite website will be most definitely PRODUCTMT.COM by Michael Thomas its not only brilliant its amazing. He ia a fashion genius. I would say it breaks down fashion in a whole different perspective by far the best thing i’ve looked at all day HOW YOU DOING? 🙂 lol

    OK,OK, I too am guilty of plagerism. These are not my words, but I could not have said it better mysef. Because Ashli wrote them and everything that is hers is mine anyway, I dont feel like I have to apologize for stealing them off facebook:) Keep up the good work mike, I luv the site.

  4. hi michel its your brother chris thomas from school to keep doing what your doing your going to go so far in life with your writeing!

  5. I think you’re already giving Sedaris a run for his money. All you need to do now is make a compilation of your blog posts, give it a good title–say “Waffle Fries and a Small Coffee”– and watch the millions stack. Holla!

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