Dope Locals: Michael T.

My friend at did a write-up about me some time ago.

Sometimes we need a friend to remind us that underneath a mountain of homework and project outlines, half eaten bags of pretzels and B list comedies playing in the background, we are fascinating people.

also…almost two years ago I was very skinny.

colors of joelle

Aware that my words probably won’t do him justice, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Michael Thomas


Raleigh, NC

Creative writer/designer/artist/style icon/tailor/blogger/witty ball of positive energy

Fav Designer: Marc Jacobs

Describe your style: I like modern traditional pieces dressed down with a touch of grunge and accessories inspired by quirky Japanese street style.

Ultimate goal in life: When everything is said and done, I want to create a platform for up and coming artists and designers by owning galleries, boutiques, even publications like magazines to promote a new wave of talent.

Fashion Icon: who have effortless style, especially in a world where people look as if they’ve stepped straight out of H&M. James Franco, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp [the earlier the better with Johnny].

If you could only choose one, what country would you travel to and why: France, mostly because I want to…

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