Magazine Clippings I Don’t Have the Courage to Throw Away

I know since the arrival of Pinterest, nobody really pulls things from magazines, and looks over all the clippings when they should be sleeping, like I did a majority of my high school years. But there are a few images/catalogues/magazines, I can’t bring myself to toss away. They’ve had such a large bearing on my style, and to get rid of them would feel like I’m just tossing the foundation of my very aesthetics.


Pulled from a copy of GQ ages ago.

Yes. This image was the reason I went into my scooter phase. Which was a great phase.

I hated not ever being able to find pictures of black men in mainstream magazines, so when I found this, I stashed it.


When I’ve ‘made it’ this is what I Imagine it’ll look like.


I have a very secret obsession with LeBron James. Not current LeBron James, I mean, back when he played for the  Cavaliers. I preferred his style then. I have no idea what he’s doing now. I mean… it looks right, but I think his look has lost his authenticity…and I think style is really just a reflection of whats occurring on the inside….I digress, but see where I’m going here.


Check the date. 2006. The year I got rid of most of my white shirts and replaced them with gray shirts. All because of this spread. No joke.


I like that I have no idea what the story is in this advertisement is.


3 thoughts on “Magazine Clippings I Don’t Have the Courage to Throw Away

  1. I thought I was the only person that did this. I have so many magazine clippings from my favorite magazines as well. It gives a more personal vibe compared to Tumblr or Pinterest!

    • I agree. Pinterest pictures are everywhere and I feel like everyone is pretty much inspired by the same four pictures that get re-pinned all the time. There is something extremely personal about ripping pages from a magazine. I can recall the excitement I felt when I first saw the John Mayer Gap ad, and rushing to get the sweater vest he wore.

      He, of course, looked much cooler than I did.

      • Yes! That’s exactly what I mean. I go on Tumblr or Pinterest and there are pages and pages of the same exact outfit. It gets tiresome.

        But, I bet you looked just a great in it as he did!

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