Stylistic Laziness

I love loungewear.

It all started by complete accident when I was cuddled up in bed only to receive a phone call at some ungodly hour of the night.  Since you’re reading, I guess I should let you in on my usual system.

Unless you sign my paychecks, I will not answer your call after 10:00pm.

I will check a voicemail at my earliest convenience….This will probably be a week after I’ve seen you in person.

Using words like ’emergency’ or ‘I’m on fire’ does not increase the likelihood I will return your call.

My point, and there is one, I broke my rule and answered a call late at night.

I threw on a hoodie, I put on tennis shoes, and made my way outside to answer the call. The reception is much better outdoors, unless you too are with t-mobile in which case, you could pitch a tent right under a cell phone tower and still only get a bar or two, at the very most.

Although the call was unclear, in-and-out, and completely obnoxious. I was dressed for the first time in too long, comfortably. My favorite part of style is that style itself doesn’t take a break, or a day off, and still I personally can’t sleep comfortably if I’m not dressed in something I like.

Bringing me to today’s spread:


Stylistic Laziness.

Keep in mind, I don’t try to go out into daylight wearing sweatpants. I ALMOST did it on an exam day, but still managed to throw on a pair of denim jeans because I care about life.

Lounge clothes are for lounging….Oddly enough.

If I’m leaving the gym, and grabbing coffee early in the morning, this look is appropriate.
If I’ve finished the day, and don’t feel like wearing a button up and a vest, this look is appropriate.
If it’s late at night, and I have a sudden urge to run to redbox, this look is appropriate.

If you are in perfect health, it is daylight hours, and you haven’t made your first million, this look isn’t really appropriate. Put on some real pants, and give life a shot.

But for all comfort-related purposes, this is perfectly fine.


1- The minute I hit the bed, I remove my watch. It’s the most accomplishing feeling in the world. It’s the reminder I have survived yet another day. But the minute I get out of bed, I need something because I’m more than likely running very late. Also, a watch is one of the easiest ways to look as if you care about your style. I admire when a gentleman understands watches. The ins-and-outs of who did what this spring/summer simply doesn’t resonate with all men. That’s alright. Find a watch that you love and stick with it until the return of Christ.

2- This particular bag is Jack Spade. There is nothing more convenient than a sturdy tote. Running from the library after a long night studying something completely irrelevant to actual life, or on my way to the gym early in the morning to avoid the five o’ clock meathead rush. The throw and go tote is simply genius

3- I bought a pair of sneakers recently. It was the first pair I purchased in upwards of a year.  Buying a quirky color allows me to wear it with a gray t-shirt and jeans, which is pretty much my usual wardrobe. And since loungewear can all-too frequently be equated to laziness, wearing loungewear in an energizing color can fool people into believing you most certainly aren’t slothful, even if you really are.

4- Sweatpants. I own two pairs. I prefer them tailored, and still flattering. Your sweats should not make it appear as if you’ve given up on life. I believe in you. Don’t give up. Not yet. Even sweats with a point of interest (notice the stripes on just one pant leg) can make your loungewear look appear more sartorial.

5- I love baseball caps. If I’m wearing one, it usually means I didn’t plan when I needed to go to the barber and This is the quickest method I could come up with to disguise it. I don’t think I’m getting over on anyone, but who cares. The most difficult part of my baseball cap agenda is that occasionally I’ll run into a die-hard supporter of, say, the Boston Red Sox, and suddenly, I’m thrown into a conversation to which I have no dog in the fight. If you aren’t aware of the team on your cap, simply google up some quick and recent stats before decide to sport the look in public.

6-I do most of my reading and writing in bed, and so I always keep a pair of glasses by my bedside. I think it’s funny to wear little studious glasses with athletic/lounge looks. Something about it is inherently japanese. and I think the Japanese are just a bunch of geniuses.

7- Again, most of my writing occurs in a bed. Usually my own bed, and I consider just about any writing instrument and device and accessory. I don’t like spiral bound notebooks. I think it flattens my ideas and then when I have to use the backside of the page, my wrist hits the spiral bound part. It’s such a freaking inconvenience.

8- the Lazy T. I choose my lazy t-shirts very meticulously. You will not see me sporting a Krispy Kreme 5k Challenge t-shirt. Firstly, because I’m running one of those. And Secondly because I see no real point in benefit t-shirts. I love to find shirts with album covers I admire, or magazine covers I cherish. If a blogger I like designed it or an illustrator I adore did the front design, I buy it without too many questions. Currently I’m on the hunt for a Stevie nicks t-shirt shirt. I think it’s funny that her song edge of seventeen is sampled for that destiny’s child track bootylicious….and so I must own a shirt.

Please Lounge Carefully.



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