My Tried and Tested Style-Mantras.


  • Do not dress more fun that you really are.
  • Simple is not bad. Bad is bad.
  • It is only appropriate to dress like Rihanna if you make Rihanna money.
  • Less is always more. Too much is usually obnoxious.
  • Never look too pretty to work hard.
  • Never work too hard at looking pretty.
  • Style was not intended to be a competitive sport.
  • There is no point in white tube socks. At All. If you own them, get rid of them. Right now. You’re welcome.
  • Tailoring is absolutely everything. Under every circumstance. Unquestionably.
  • You can get away with having poor personal style if you have a genuine personality. If you’ve got an awful personality, you better own a lot of couture.
  • A trend is the perfect option for people uninterested in being memorable.
  • Style is one part clothes, and a million parts attitude. I’ll change this statement if you can tell me what brand t-shirt James Dean wore.
  • Clothes were intended to be lived in, not stored and collected.
  • Every piece of everything you own should excite you.
  • Unless someone has put a gun to your head and instructed you to do so, there is no legitimate reason to purchase knockoff..
  • We can’t all be quirky.
  • When purchasing denim and/or leather, buy the best you can afford.
  • Menswear inspired womenswear can be extremely sexy.
  • Womenswear inspired menswear rarely has the same effect.
  • Regardless what you’re wearing, how much it cost, or how long it took to plan or prepare, act as if you carelessly tossed it on.



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