Life and Death Lessons about Coffee and Flowers

(This post is best read to the musical stylings of that one song from Alice in Wonderland…)

“People are like flowers…” someone explained to me.

I put down the iPad I was holding, and removed both ear buds from my ears.

Typically I only remove one, and if the song is good enough, I remove none and expect you to compete with Beyoncé.

And unless you frequently release platinum, top-selling albums on an international scale, you probably can’t.

But this, I wanted to hear.

I live in America. I deal with people frequently, and I can attest that very few of the ones I have encountered are anything even remotely similar to anything even SLIGHTLY floral related.

Flowers smell nice, look pleasant and are given to people as a reward, or for condolences, or whenever valentines day makes its way around.

People, however, are obnoxious, more often than not, look disastrous, and far too frequently I am unable to escape them 365 days of the year.

With arms folded I decided I was going to humor this.

Go ahead. I will listen for five minutes while you make your argument about the similarities between people and flowers.

…and this better be real good.

“The flowers, they’re only purpose is to be. In them just being they are awesome. They’re purpose is to be, to live, to grow. That’s it. People are the same way. Even the worst among us have the possibility to be something beautiful.”

Her optimism was enlightening. Almost….inspiring?

You see, for the longest time I never thought of people as flowers, but like rocks.

Rocks are also simply present. A vast majority of them are stagnant and doing nothing of any sort of importance. I’m unsure how they got there, and unless I physically move them myself, they will probably stay there forever.

People are the same way.

The other day, two people walked side by side on a narrow path-way and I was inconveniently stuck behind them knowing darn well I was running late to my class.

I think it’s adorable they decided to take in the overcast weather and merely linger, however I am not so fortunate and so I need you both to move. like…now.

Another example of rock behaviour?

I’m stuck in line behind a woman (seriously…like 60% of my life occurs behind people who have no idea whats going on) that decided that particular morning was the morning she would ask half a million questions about everything that was ever released by Starbucks.

I think it’s beautiful she has questions. But that is why God invented Wikipedia. If you have questions about pretty much ANYTHING, Wikipedia will pretty much solve it for you.

In fact right after writing the previous line, I did a Wikipedia search of the words macchiato, americano, venti and frappucino and checked just to make sure the entires were credible.

And guess what?

They all were.

You are without excuse.


I took her up on this challenge…For 24 consecutive hours, I would stop viewing people as rocks, and attempt to see them as flowers.

The one guy that sits on the steps of the dorm in the same wife-beater every morning and curses into the receiver of his phone.

I saw him as a flower. Perhaps he just doesn’t know it yet.

The group of chatty girls behind me in class discussing things I thought we all outgrew after middle  school….they’re flowers too.

The professor that usually shows up to class several minutes late in her tacky bright-colored applique dresses and obvious synthetic wigs and is under the notion that I deserve a B in her class when we all know that’s rubbish.

That’s right….she’s a flower.

And if these people are anything like the flowers I’ve received during the course of my life, they will grow and bring me short-term joy.

…and then die in roughly a week.


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