10 Reasons Why Designer Joelle Meaghan is the Next Major Wave in Fashion


1- She talks big…and delivers bigger.

Delivery altogether is a dying art. If you don’t believe me, sit around your mailbox on a Saturday. In the same way, many people can talk big but can’t deliver when it’s time to work. Talking isn’t much of a talent, but Joelle’s ability to manifest words into action is both astounding, and mildly intimidating.

2-Because She Was Probably Born in the Wrong Era

The radio in her car plays more 1970’s hits than both of my parents combined and then doubled.


3-Because She and Her Sisters Are ALL Freakishly Talented.

With one sister being a Harvard Law graduate and the other whose resume of film involvement reads like the grocery list of multiple morbidly obese men, Joelle’s success is perhaps hereditary.

4- She’s a good winner

Having won 3 AATS design competitions in a row, she’s always quick to thank her supporters and frequently looks forward to resting after her much earned success. After experiencing small victories, I parade about town like the missing Olsen triplet

5- She’s also good when she doesn’t win.

Upon not being selected in a Belk design competition, she still gracefully walked away from the experience and moved onto her next project without even so much as a negative remark in regards to Belk’s decision ….while most of her supporters and fans threatened to boycott Belk.


6- Because up until last year she hadn’t even seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

That movie is a fashion classic. Anyone who has ever touched or thought of touching a sewing machine can pretty much quote Breakfast at Tiffany’s. On the surface, this might seem as if she hasn’t seen a blockbuster classic, but in actuality this means Joelle has managed to create strong, feminine, ready-to-wear garments that boast elegance and sophistication without even channeling Audrey Hepburn. That’s the equivalent of painting a masterpiece then saying, “What? Mona Lisa? Never heard of it.”

7- I’ve talked her into letting me work at her store in Japan when it launches.

And I bring it up every other month just to make sure we’re on the same page.

8- She’s Excruciatingly Meticulous

At her level, it’s almost bizarre to see so many details so carefully thought out. From conception to the runway, she’s critical when it comes to making sure her vision is represented carefully. Sometimes I find myself in conversations about fabric types and cotton percentage. Honestly, I’m unsure how to properly contribute to the conversation, so I just nod and wonder what life would be like if all robots occasionally wore Anthropologie.


9- Because She’ll Forgive You If You’re Stuck Cities Away and Can’t Make It To Her Show. 

….Which is actually extremely helpful.

10- Her next Project? Florence, Italy.

Having experienced such success on this side of the globe, her resolve to continuously grow and desire to always be teachable has led her to continue studying in Florence, Italy. You can help support this by donating here. No donation is too great, or too small.

In a world where so many untalented people find overnight success way too easily, choose to support talent. Every time you neglect to support talented designers, Kimora Lee Simmons releases another line of clothing.

…Don’t let that happen again.


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